Provide life coaching 24 x 7 x 365 to help members get through the tough times and guide them to increase use of your services.

Cass provides non-profits and foundations and the people they serve an affordable, and often free, proven mental health wellness program via text messaging.

Cass is an AI-empowered assistant providing behavioral health care, coaching, and overall wellness support to millions using text messaging.

Serve your constituents more effectively

Deploy Cass to tens of thousands of people via text messaging and increase awareness and engagement in your wellness and service offerings.

Engage more effectively without adding staff

As Cass is an AI-based system that interacts with your constituents via text messaging or Facebook Messenger, once it's set up, there is no human cost to use and maintain.  Millions of your users can use Cass 24 x 7 x 365 without additional personnel.

De-escalate crisis situations immediately

Cass's research-proven techniques handle sensitive situations and have already de-escalated over 17,000 crisis cases, many of which were suicide situations.

Instantly expand your network of care

Deploy Cass to thousands of people with just a phone number and a click of a button – no mobile app or corporate software installs or account creation required.

Create a network of counselors

If you don't have your own counselors and coaches standing by, or don't have enough, you can scale your support by tapping into Cass' 5,000 certified counselor network, available on-demand, 24 x 7 x 365 in all 50 states.

Provide an exceptional experience to your constituents

Measure Cass's impact on your customer's well-being and tailor programs and resources to better suit their needs.

Cass delivers unmatched outcomes.

reduction in symptoms of moderate and severe anxiety
23% reduction in symptoms of moderate and severe depression
reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety for those with diabetes
Social isolation
showed improved or maintained, level of social isolation after 6 months of chatting during the COVID pandemic
Suicide prevention
suicides de-escalated

Cass encourages your employees to cope with anxiety in healthier ways.

Social Isolation
Cass guides users with reconnecting with others.
Cass can offer helpful ways to deal with diabetes.
Cass can help with cultivating self-compassion.
Cass offers to help with reframing and deep breathing exercises.
"With Cass, we've been able to connect better with our employees, support them with the proper resources, increase engagement and overall job satisfaction."
Julie Edgcomb
Clinical Services Director, Monterey County Health Department

Cass is committed to the development, delivery, and maintenance of ethical AI services.

Cass increases equitable access to behavioral  health and coaching by providing a low-cost, personalized, clinically proven solution 24 x 7 x 365, globally.