Serve your prospective therapy patients, improve care and relationship building through digital behavioral health coaching and triage.

Cass can engage with your patients as your schedule becomes available and give you insight into the most critical cases as you manage your time and arrange your calendar.

Cass creates a digital waiting room with an AI-based triage and coaching system based on text messaging.

Serve your patients while they await their personal therapy session.

Increase Awareness & Engagement

Engage your prospective patients interactively using text messaging while they await an in-person therapy session.  Provide improved well-being while they wait.

Improve your patient satisfaction and practice economics

By enabling your patients and prospective patients to engage with coaching digitally while they wait for an appointment, therapists and firms reduce attrition and improve care without having to add human resources.

Identify the most critical care needs on your waiting list

Cass interacts with your prospective patients in your digital waiting room, allowing therapists key insights on how rapidly to have face to face or tele-health meetings and what the issues may be.

An easy on-ramp into your care and digital waiting room

Add a Cass phone number to your voice mail greeting system or to your website and social media feeds and have your prospective patients interact through the click of a button - no mobile app, software installation or account creation needed.

Scale your network of counselors

Should a patient in your digital waiting room require critical care, Cass can help them, in real-time, connect with 5,000 certified counselors, available on-demand in all 50 states.  Therapists have confidential access to chat transcripts to maintain treatment context and patient relationships.

Provide an exceptional customer experience while they wait for an appointment

Measure Cass's impact on your customer's well-being and tailor programs and resources to better suit their needs.

Cass delivers unmatched outcomes.

reduction in symptoms of moderate & severe anxiety & depression
annual reduction in prescription medication costs
of people have the same symptom reductions as human therapy
Saving per patient per year
[8 sessions/year @ $200/session * 0.22]
Social isolation
showed improved or maintained, level of social isolation after 6 months of chatting during the COVID pandemic
Social isolation
in Value of Reduced DSSI
Suicide prevention
crisis situations de-escalated through hand off to counselors

Cass encourages your employees to cope with anxiety in healthier ways.

Social Isolation
Cass guides users with reconnecting with others.
Cass can offer helpful ways to deal with diabetes.
Cass can help with cultivating self-compassion.
Cass offers to help with reframing and deep breathing exercises.
"With Cass, we've been able to connect better with our employees, support them with the proper resources, increase engagement and overall job satisfaction."
Julie Edgcomb
Clinical Services Director, Monterey County Health Department

Cass is committed to the development, delivery, and maintenance of ethical AI services.

Increase access to your behavioral health support instantly by having patients and prospective patients interact with you and Cass from the first call.