Hi, I’m Cass.
How are you?

Increasing engagement by delivering behavioral health coaching through an AI-driven chatbot. Created by therapists and proven by clinical research.
By providing a calm and safe space, Cass helps over 30 million people globally and can help you, day or night, to feel less stressed, more positive, more productive, and better able to cope when the going gets rough.
As a benefits plan or organization wanting to help many people, Cass helps you maximize the productivity and loyalty of the people you serve, and enable better care at lower cost.

Cass is accessed via text messaging, which is more engaging and immediate than email and phone, and far more discrete.

With Cass, 'How are you?', is more often answered, 'Just fine, thank you.'

Bringing interactive coaching and behavioral healthcare to everyone.

For Individuals

Cass is an effective, affordable, convenient, secure way to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. 

For Organizations

A highly customizable solution to help your members, employees, and communities be healthier and more resilient.

Cass is provided by thousands of organizations and made available to millions of people within them.

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Cass has

people covered globally and growing fast


How does it work? 

Powered by an artificial intelligence engine that matches thousands of clinician created responses across millions of interactions, Cass provides personally optimized behavioral health coaching through real-time text messaging.  

When needed, Cass connects to counselors with one tap, enabling a seamless connection and collaborate with experts standing by.

What our users say about Cass

Cass’s impact is backed by clinical research and top universities

Join us and our partners in our journey to bring behavioral healthcare and coaching to everyone and offer your community a calm and safe space.

Join us on our journey of expanding access to behavioral healthcare to everyone.