The Leading AI Healthcare Assistant

Reach your members with Cass, the evidence based AI wellness chat assistant that increases access and lowers cost of care. 30M individuals covered.

Increased access

Our marketing campaigns bring in 20,000 new signups per month. Allowing you to get to engagement rates of 17%.

Lowered cost

Individuals receive instant 24/7 replies and can be directed to a live counselor in seconds where necessary.

Reduce costs by 24% for mental health, and 50% for chronic disease management.

Activate resources

Our goal setting chats and follow-ups, ensure 20% of referrals result in actual signups.

Bringing wellness coaching to everyone.

For Individuals

We offer secure, cost-effective, real-time assistance to alleviate mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

For Organizations

A customizable, no-code solution to promote mental health amongst your employees and communities.

Trusted by leading providers worldwide. Built to close today’s mental healthcare gaps.

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Cass has

people covered globally and growing fast


How does it work? 

Powered by an artificial intelligence engine that matches thousands of clinician created responses across millions of interactions, Cass provides personally optimized mental health coaching through real-time text messaging.  

When needed, Cass connects to counselors with one tap, enabling a seamless connection and collaborate with experts standing by.

What individuals say about Cass

Supported by clinical research and renowned universities.

Join us and our partners to make mental healthcare accessible to all communities.