Diabetes is emerging as the most expensive and troublesome chronic disease globally.

Cass provide behavioral coaching and support to reduce the costs and human toll of this disease.
Cass is a clinically proven technology solution that uses text messaging to assist patients with behavioral health coaching, timely resource delivery, and appointment and treatment reminders.
As a result, chronic diabetes care costs can be reduced significantly.   An NIH study*  concluded that significant cost savings were correlated to mental health improvements.
*NIH study
"Costs of Coexisting Depression and Diabetes"
Read the study
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Cass empowers healthcare providers and insurers  to help those suffering from diabetes by providing optimal engagement and care for their patients while lowering costs

Expand equitable access to care

Increase equitable access to behavioral health support by providing a low-cost, personalized, and scalable solution available 24/7.

Help your diabetes patients get access to coaching

Use Cass's digital coach and triage process to solve problems immediately and when needed further scale support by tapping into Cass' 5,000 certified counselors network available on-demand in all 50 states.

Increasing adherence to medication and treatment plans

With automatic check-ins and timely reminders, ensure compliance to medication and treatment plans for patients suffering from diabetes.

Reduce the number of no-shows or readmission

Increase customer engagement and promote overall well-being with timely reminders and triaging specific resources and programs at the right moments.

Engage with your diabetic patients more effectively

Differentiate your diabetes care by promoting mental health care at scale via low-cost digital campaigns using a phone number. Engage more efficiently using text messaging.

Track your impact and adjust accordingly

Track impact, tailor diabetes care, and better align resources by reviewing patient data collected via health assessment intakes and engagement metrics.

A proven solution

Cass is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety by 18% and depression by 28%, profoundly impacting the well-being and cost to chronic diabetes sufferers.