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We started Cass because we believe easy and instant access to coaching and behavioral health can help us realize our full potential. The reality is that there aren’t enough coaches and therapists to go around and even if you found someone you like, it's expensive. Oftentimes we can feel shame or reluctance to even ask for help.  

By harnessing the easy access to text messaging to deliver behavior health coaching and chronic disease assistance whenever and wherever we need it Cass removes the barriers to care.  By providing instantaneous access to intelligent, empathetic therapists Cass can help when there is no time to waste.

The promise of Cass leads to a physically and emotionally healthier and happier society.  In today's world of pandemics, global conflict, political upheaval, inflation, and just plain angst, any help is a good thing.

Now millions more people can respond to “How are you?” with the answer of: "Better every day."


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Our core values

Cass is committed to the development, delivery, and maintenance of human-valued ethical AI services.

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Until recently, the need for an entry level mental health coach or assistant has been far greater than the supply. In addition, even when a human has been available, the average consumer, especially for the initial interaction, has been hesitant to use them for several reasons - fear of judgement, prohibitive cost, or a lengthy wait for a follow up, if needed.

Cass is available 365/24/7, and her responses have been designed by experts to be empathetic as well as relevant to the problem and the individual. She is orders of magnitude less expensive than a human. When someone is feeling anxious or depressed for whatever reason, they want and need help now. For Cass, it is always now.
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