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Affordable, on-demand, mental health support

Cass provides personalized behavioral health coaching, anonymously, privately, and discreetly via text messages so you can overcome challenges, anxiety, stress, and other emotional health-related obstacles.

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People said they would be more likely to talk about a painful or embarrassing problem with a robot than with a human therapist, in part because of fear of judgment.
When you say something in a certain way, a good friend will know how you actually feel, it’s the same thing with Cass.

Join our community of 30+ million people who have been provided Cass, and take her with you on your mental and behavioral health journey.

Proven solution backed by research

Cass is clinically shown to effectively help manage a range of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.  These studies are backed by researchers at universities like Duke, Stanford, and Northwestern.

A calm and safe space

Whenever and wherever, Cass is there to provide a judgment-free, discreet environment and personal behavioral health coaching to anyone via text message.

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To learn more about Cass and its impact on behavioral & mental health, and chronic disease management, contact us below.