X2AI Announces Rebrand to Cass

X2 AI is proud to announce the rebrand to Cass. Cass stands for “Calm and Safe Space. With a focus on creating conversations around mental health and providing equitable access to support, this shift in branding aligns with our people-first approach to behavioral health. Cass is a company specializing in affordable, accessible AI-powered mental health solutions for corporations, organizations and individuals.

We founded Cass because we believe mental healthcare is a human right, but there aren’t enough therapists to go around, counseling is expensive, and it’s often difficult for the first-time user to trust another human. Our goal from the start has been to make mental health availability the priority, across all socioeconomic strata, for both the provider and the end user.

Powered by The Difference Engine, our AI technology platform, Cass provides wherever, whenever, personal access to mental health coaching through text messaging. It has been clinically shown to effectively help users manage a wide range of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

With an alignment of our brand and mission, this enhances every aspect of the work we do at Cass.

For Cass users, we are dedicated to their wellbeing and continually strive to make our human-like AI more effective at relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges.

For our partners, this means we listen to their needs, and collaborate deeply in order to help customize and deploy Cass to their populations in ways that get meaningful results.

For our team at Cass, we care about our team's wellbeing as much as the people and organizations we serve. Happier team members lead to greater productivity & longevity, and we strive to be a culture that is renowned for caring and attracts people who believe in meaningful, impactful work and research.

Can our chatbot take the place of talking to a human? Of course not. But our research shows that chatting with Cass is incredibly helpful when access to professionals isn’t readily available. Or affordable.

By harnessing the popularity and familiarity of text messaging, making it available now, whenever and wherever you need it, and providing intelligent, empathetic respondents, we remove the primary barriers to initial care, and can thus begin to build a healthier society.

So millions more people can respond to “How are you?” with an answer that feels better for them.

Learn more at cass.ai

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